Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to psychology ninth edition by Rod plotnik and Haig kouyoumdjian

Answer the folowing questions with a psychology perspective and terms

Module 17:Topic Infancy &Childhood- Why is it that a 1-year-old likes to play Peek-a-Boo, but a 7-year-old thinks it is silly? Please explain?

Module 18:Topic Adolescence &Adulthood- Should parents spank children? What does research say? (Module 10 topic Operant and Cognitive Approaches)-may also help you answer this one)

Module 19:topic freudian &humanistic theories Do you know anyone that seems self actualized? If yes, what makes you think so? If not, what would they need to do to be self actualized? (Remember only about 1% of the entire population is thought to be self actualized).

Module 22:Topic Assessment &Anxiety Disorders Why must mental health professionals spend so much time and effort in assessing their clients’ symptoms? Why are negative attitudes or stereotypes associated with mental illness but not with physical illness?

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