juvenile crime

As part of this research exercise you are to write a briefing paper in response to the following hypothetical scenario:Its election time again and the NSW government is proposing to introduce new legislation which they say will get toughon crime and make the State’s streets and homes safe again. NSW Minister for Justice Laura Norder said:“We have watched too many people walk absolutely scot free from our courts, no one respects the law anymore butthat’s about to change.”If re-elected the government says they will:• Introduce tough mandatory custodial penalties for a range of offences, and three strikes and you are in forothers.• Juveniles convicted of a second offence are to serve 28 days detention, unless ordered to attend a diversionprogram where they are available.The government in response to a strong campaign from the Retailers Association has also introduced three strikes andyou are in legislation for shoplifting.Your response:Write a 1,200 word briefing paper in response to the governments proposed sentencing changes. Take care to considerthe following in your response:• The existing literature on the nature of juvenile crime• Patterns of offending (e.g. how juvenile offending profiles differ from adults, proportion and types of crimesperpetrated by juveniles). Does the research evidence support the proposed changes?Learning Guide 2013-Autumn 400684-Juvenile Crime and Justice Page 8 of 16• The competing rationalities that make up the criminal justice system and the effects on young people. Whatrationality underpins this proposal? Is it in anyway problematic?• Critically examine societal/political (e.g. cultural or social anxieties about youth, media generated moral panics) forcesaffecting this response to juvenile crime. Is the proposed response evidence based or reactionary in nature?• Consider the effects of punitive measures on vulnerable youth. Use the young people lens and the Indigenous lens toinform your discussion of the effects.• Make sure you reach a conclusion & make recommendation(s) for alternative responses to youth offending.Remember that this is a research exercise and you are required to use scholarly articles and reliable sources to supportyour claims. The weekly readings are a good starting point. Especially the Richards (2011) reading set for week 3. A listof recommended readings will be made available on vUWS by the end of week 3. However, students should make sureto also engage in their own independent research.

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