Lab report

I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and need an explanation.

Background Information:

  1. Read this online tutorial: What is a circuit? (Links to an external site.)
  2. Watch this video on series vs. parallel circuits (3 min):The Learning Circuit – Series & Parallel Circuits (Links to an external site.)
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Electric Circuits Worksheet (4 page PDF).

  • Download and print this file. Then in blue ink, fill out your responses as you work through the Gizmo activity on Don’t forget to complete the assessment quiz online after the lab activity. Attach any lab notebook pages to the end of the PDF.See the last announcement in March for instructions on accessing, which you need to run the “gizmos” for this and other online laboratory activities. Use the same login name and password as you used for last week’s activity.

filll out the document and show work on seperate piece of paper. use blue INK!!!!

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