TOPIC – DISPUTE SETTLEMENT: DISPUTE DS18 Australia — Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon (AUST
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HI5015S: GROUP ASSIGNMENT (30 per cent) – 2,000 words essay and class presentation 1. Describe the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and its role in regulating trade disputes among States. Write a brief history of how it evolved, what are the different units within the WTO, and procedures on how cases can be heard (500 words, 10 per cent) 2. Identify a case that Australia has been involved in, either as a complainant or as a respondent. Please note, there are 7 cases that involve Australia as a complainant and 15 cases where it is a respondent. Each group would need to identify a different case, so first in best dressed. Once identified, please provide the following: a. Background of the case (5 per cent) – 250 words b. Facts of the case (Why, What, Where, How, When) (10 per cent) – 1,000 words 3. Identify an Australian company that could/would have been affected by that case and explain why that company is affected (5 per cent) – 250 words Please ensure that you have a group by Week 8 and your group has identified the case you will be discussing. Group presentations will be on Week 11 and each group will be given 15 minutes each to present their case in front of the class. Group reports must be submitted online and hard copy …

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