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Your friends Martha and Jeff, ages 36 and 38, have been planning to have a baby for the last two years. An excited Martha called today to announce that she is pregnant with their first child. She feels that because you are enrolled in the Developmental Psychology course, you could provide her with pertinent information related to pregnancy and the birthing process.

Analyze the information you will share with Martha and Jeff, including the following:

What is specifically involved in physician visits, medical tests, and the parent education programs they will receive during the pregnancy? How will all this prepare them psychologically?

What physiological and emotional changes should they expect and watch out for during the course of the pregnancy
Why is it important that they know how their child will develop in the womb? What are some of the things they can do to stimulate their infant in the womb?

What are the emotional differences the couple should look for in the baby based on whether the baby was born of a normal delivery or a cesarean section delivery?

What are the emotional reactions they ought to expect in the hospital after the birth of their infant depending on whether Martha has a normal or a cesarean section delivery?

What medical or physical complications should they watch out for as Marthas due date approaches?

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