Maladaptive Behavior

  1. Volkow et al. (2011) report that positron emission tomography (PET) results reveal that addicted subjects have an imbalance between dopaminergic circuits related to reward, conditioned responses to drug cues, and dopaminergic circuits related to executive functions such as emotional control and decision making.

Read Volkow et al.’s article and select a single graph or an image from the paper. Be sure to cite the number and title of the figure. For the figure you select, respond to the following:
• Explain how the figure supports the main result about an imbalance between the circuits.
For example, Figure 1 has six parts from which you can choose one. Upon selecting one of the six parts, you should describe what is represented on the figure or graph and how it supports the idea of an imbalance between the circuits that relate to reward, conditioned responses to drug cues, and to executive function.


Volkow, N. D., Wang, G. J., Fowler, J. S., Tomasi, D., & Telang, F. (2011). Addiction: Beyond dopamine reward circuitry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(37): 15037–15042. doi:10.1073/pnas.1010654108. Retrieved from

-250 words

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