Management Issues

Deliverable Length:SWOT analysis and 3–4 paragraphs
Part I

Review The Joint Commission standards for the type of health care organization that you chose in Week 1 and that you have used throughout this course.

Identify at least two sections of the standards (e.g., environment of care, leadership).
Describe how these sections are implemented in your selected health care facility.
Make recommendations for improvement.

Part II

An integral part of the strategic planning process is to gather information. One method of doing this is by conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Now that you have reviewed your chosen standards, you will examine the impact of both internal and external forces on your chosen facility.

Conduct a SWOT analysis for your chosen facility that examines the forces that may affect the facility.
Be sure to pay particular attention to the issues of financing, productivity, and marketing, as well as others you feel have the potential to impact the facility.
Present your SWOT analysis using a standard SWOT analysis matrix.
Below your SWOT analysis, identify and discuss at least one issue from each section of your SWOT analysis in further detail in an effort to analyze why you feel the chosen issue may have the greatest impact on the facility.
    When discussing your weakness and threats, be sure to include:
        1–2 goals that should be created to improve in these areas
        A brief description (1–2 paragraphs) of a plan of action to improve in these area that includes

Review the attached for the outline of the assignment. (APA 6th ed (abstract, body conclusion, reference page)
Document Preview:

Part 1 Introduction The Joint Commission is a self-governing, not-for-profit organization, accrediting and certifying over 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs within the United States. The accreditation and certification of the Joint Commission is highly acknowledged nationwide as an emblem of quality which reveals an organization’s pledge to assuring specific performance standards. The Identity of two sections of The Joint Commission Standards within Nursing Facilities Environment of Care Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services Description of how Environment of Care and the Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services are implemented within the Nursing Facility Provide recommendation for improvement on the following services implemented. Part 2 Conduct a SWOT Analysis for the Nursing Facility examining the forces affecting the facility both internally and externally Shed light on the issues of financing, productivity, and marketing in addition to other areas affecting the facility SWOT Analysis Matrix Identify any issues from the use of the SWOT Analysis and its impact on the nursing facility Discuss weakness and threats and recommendation of improvement Describe the plan of action for improvement References The Joint Commission (2014). Nursing Care Centers. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “” The Joint Commission (2014). Standards FAQs. Retrieved from HYPERLINK “”

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