Marketing a Product

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Marketing a Product

This week imagine yourself in a situation where you’re the marketing director of a company. Your job is to sell/promote your product. In your three page (750 word or more paper) first get creative and share what your product is (can be anything you’d like and even something not made yet!). Have fun with this part!

Then share who your target or ideal audience is and how you’ll target them (what media source you’ll use, what messages, etc). Then share how you’d use rhetoric. Would you use logos, pathos, or ethos to target your audience? Give detailed examples of this. Share what your ‘invention’ (from chapter 22) you’d use in your marketing campaign. Incorporate Communication theories into your paper. For instance how could you use the theory of Latitude of Acceptance (chapter 14) into targeting your audience? Do you think there would be a Boomerang effect from your marketing campaign? How could you use the ego-involvement idea (from social judgement theory) to help your target audience see the need of the product?

Lastly, give an example of a successful marketing campaign. Share what kind of media source was used, how you saw it, why it was effective, and what theories help support why it was effective.

Ensure your papers are formatted with size 12 font Times New Roman and double spaced.

View your assignment rubric.

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