Mass Media and Healthcare Quality

Mass Media and Healthcare Quality

In this assignment, you will assess how the general public’s perception of healthcare quality is influenced by mass media.

Locate an article that reports on the quality of healthcare services. The article must be from a mass media source, not an academic or healthcare journal. The purpose of this assignment is to review information that is reported to the general public in a news source that does not exclusively cover healthcare issues. Weekly magazines such as Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, Forbes, Money, Consumer Reports, or newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal or New York Times, are examples of appropriate choices. The article may give various examples of good or bad quality instead of covering just one episode of care. Your selected article must be a comprehensive review or assessment of some aspect of healthcare services.

Summarize the report or article. Be certain to indicate the basis for the report or article, that is, whether it is reporting the results of academic research, an independent investigation, or something else.
According to the article, who is to blame for the problems or who deserves credit for high quality care?
What are the suggestions for improvement in quality in the article?
What is your reaction to this article as a consumer of healthcare services?
What is your reaction to this article as a provider of healthcare services?
Is the article fair in its reporting and assessment of healthcare quality? 

Present your analysis as a 2-page report formatted in APA style.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Summarized the report or article, identifying the basis for the information. 4
Reported on how the article assigns responsibility for problems or high quality and on the suggestions for improvement. 4
Formulated reaction to the article from the perspectives of a consumer and a provider. 8
Evaluated fairness in reporting. 12
Participated in the discussion by asking questions, providing statements of clarification, providing points of view with rationale, challenging points of discussion, or making relationships between one and more points of the discussion. 12
Applied APA standards for writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources. 4
Total 4

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