Mirror on the Veil” & “Modern Misogyny” Can you help me with a 10 page paper…

Can you help me with a 10 page paper? It has to be:

-APA format

-Works Cited

-Based off the book: “Mirror on the Veil” & “Modern Misogyny”
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PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: For your final paper, you will write a book review of Mirror on the Veil that includes your thoughts and reflections on the topic. You may purchase the book on Amazon. There is also a copy on reserve at the UHD library. Use the following ideas to guide your paper: Part I (at least 3 pages): Explain your understanding of veiling and hijab prior to reading the book. Then summarize what you have learned about the history and significance of veiling. What concepts in your textbook and Modern Misogyny were reflected in the experiences you read about in Mirror on the Veil? Part II (at least 3 pages): Write a book review that focuses on the 10 essays that had the most effect on you. Summarize the main ideas of each of the 10 essays and your reactions to each essay. Your book review should be approximately 6-8 pages long. Proper APA style referencing is expected for ALL sources. The library has copies of the APA Publication Manual and a very useful website HYPERLINK “http://library.uhd.edu/citingsources” http://library.uhd.edu/citingsources.

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