nt pls help me answer these question If 1 billion people are added to the world every 13 years, on average, how many people would that be in one year?…

I have attached the file for my Lab 2 environment pls help me answer these question 

If 1 billion people are added to the world every13 years, on average, how many people wouldthat be in one year? In one month? In one day?Still using the PopClock website: How does the United States compare to the restof the world?Why has the number of people in the worldincreased if the human population growth ratehas decreased?Still using the PopClock website: What country has the largest population?What country has the smallest population?What is the relationship between growth rateand doubling time? Describe the relationshipboth generically and also give a specific formularelating the two quantities.List three factors that have contributed to worldpopulation growth in the 20th century:The United States Census Bureau is a goodresource for population data of the U.S. and theworld. Go to the U.S. Census World PopulationClocks – POPClocks websitehttp://www.census.gov/popclock/? intcmp=home_popWhat do you think? Does it seem too big ormaybe too small?List three factors that may have kept the worldpopulation numbers low until the 20th century:Can the Earth sustain our infinite wants with itsfinite amount of resources? Explain.Still using the POPClocks websitehttp://www.census.gov/popclock/?intcmp=home_popIs the world population evenly distributed around theworld? What population number do you believe theEarth can sustain indefinitely? Explain why.(FYI – We hit 7 billion people on Halloween in2011).Each individual in the U.S. produces an averageof 4.6 pounds of solid waste per day. Theaverage “Texan” produces about 5 pounds ofsolid waste per day. It is estimated that theworld average of solid waste produced per dayis 1.47 pounds. Assuming this information isaccurate, how many pounds of solid waste doyou produce: Per Week? Per Month? Per Year?(assuming you are the average Texan). List two simple changes that you could make toreduce your consumption in each of thefollowing categories. (NOTE: your answershould be something more than just “usingless”) Food – Shelter – Mobility – Goods – Services –

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