NURS12156 : Clinical Learning Goals – Nursing Assignment Questions : you have to use gibbs…

NURS12156 : Clinical Learning Goals – Nursing Assignment

Questions :

you have to use gibbs reflective cycle to write reflection

1.Clinical Learning Goals

you need to identify and record a minimum of three (3) Clinical Learning Goals to be achieved during the clinical placement learning experience and potential strategies to achieve these. You need to ensure your clinical learning goals are inline with the Unit learning outcomes. You will then need to develop a plan outlining how you will achieve the stated Clinical Learning Goals. You need to set out how you think these goals will be achieved during your clinical placement experience. Be sure to include examples of the type of evidence and technology you will need to assist you achieve your Clinical Learning Goals. Your Clinical Learning Goals are to be shared with your off-campus Facilitator/Preceptor.

2.Reflection on Learning

Using one of the reflection models available on the NURS12156 Clinical Nursing Practice 2 Moodle site, reflect on your Clinical Learning Goals and on the learning undertaken while on clinical placement. Please use examples from your clinical placement to support your reflections and include references where applicable to support your nursing actions. You may find it helpful to base your reflection around a particular incident that occurred while you were on clinical placement. Please ensure you maintain confidentiality of any person or facility referred to in your reflection.

Be sure to introduce the reflection model and use headings from the reflection model throughout your paper. The reflection model used should be included in your reference list

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