NURS5084 : Case Study – “ Preoperative education has been shown.. ” – Nursing Assignment Case Study.

NURS5084 : Case Study – “Preoperative education has been shown..” – Nursing Assignment

Case Study Topc : “Preoperative education has been shown to reduce potential postoperative complications”

Patient profile. Evelyn Chan is a 63 year-old teacher. Evelyn has a history of left knee osteoarthritis. Her knee pain has increased dramatically after a fall 18 months ago and has impacted her activities of daily living. As physiotherapy has not provided relief Ms. Chan has elected to undergo a left total knee arthroplasty. Preoperative education has been shown to reduce potential postoperative complications. For this essay you are required to explore the evidence on how preoperative education by nurses can reduce post-operative complications.


This assessment requires you to explore the evidence base for preoperative education of the patient undergoing a total knee arthroplasty. You will need to analyse the current best practice nursing literature on how pre-operative education by nurses can prevent potential and actual postoperative complications.

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