Nursing Assignment: Work through the six modules outlined in Justin O ’ Dowd ’ s journey into,…

Nursing Assignment:

Work through the six modules outlined in Justin O’Dowd’s journey into, through and out of acute hospital care for his mental illness. A selection of 10 questions associated with the learning journey follows. This assignment asks you to respond to all 10 questions using the materials provided and using any other resources that will support your answers.


1. Describe how Justin’s well-being might be impacted by his recent life events.

2. How might Justin’s cultural interpretation of mental illness be different from your own?

3. Identify how your own attitudes and values relating to mental illness may influence any communication with Justin?

4. How can partnerships with Justin and his immediate and/or extended family be developed and maintained throughout his journey of care?

5. What are the social and cultural implications for Justin leaving his home and community for assessment and treatment in the city?

6. What needs to happen to ensure culturally safe care for Justin once he is hospitalized?

7. From the information in the Mental Health Assessment and Mental State Examination, what are the identified areas of concern and the priorities of care planning for Justin?

8. Read the 1:1 intervention notes and identify the communication skills/strategies that are allowing the health professional to talk with Justin in a culturally safe manner.

9. Review the discharge plan and 3-month review and consider how Justin can be supported to maintain his well-being when he has returned to his family and community.

10. After considering the issues for Justin, reflect on your own experiences of relating to people from different cultures. Consider what you have learnt from Justin story and how your new knowledge might influence your practice.

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