Nursing – Healthy Ageing And Aged Care – Alan Case Study -Healthy Ageing And Aged Care Assignment…

Nursing – Healthy Ageing And Aged Care – Alan Case Study -Healthy Ageing And Aged Care Assignment Help


Alan, 75 years old, retired from the public service four years ago. Helives alone in a second storey apartment on a busy main road. Alan no longer drives due to vision issues and has a BMI of 34.9. He has recently had a fall getting out of the shower but did not sustain any injuries. Alan leaves his house only to see his GP every two months to renew his multiple prescriptions and walks next door to the petrol station to purchase
food supplies every few days.

In case study writing template provided, please answer the following questions.

  1. Outline three (3) questions would you ask Alan (or any older adult) in the first moments of your first meeting, which reflect quality nursing of the older adult. Provide a rationale for each question.
  2. Identify eight (8) major issues in this case study.
  3. Outline concisely why the issues you have identified are of particular significance for Alan, and the older adult in general. Maximum 400 words
  4. Examine the major issues and identify the TWO issues you feel are the nursingpriorities to address for Alan. Provide a rationale and justification for each. Explainhow these two issues are impacted by other issues Alan is currently experiencing.
  5. Find two (2) appropriate (real) services in your area able to assist Alan while he isliving at home. For each referral, include a brief description of the service (relevantto the clinician, not the consumer), why will this service will assist Alan, the impactof the service on Alans other issues, and how will it be funded.
  6. If Alan was to be admitted to an acute ward, how would the two main issues affecthim during his admission? What could an RN do about this during the admission?

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