Nursing : Theoretical Reflections of the Virtual Child Research your topic using material from your.

Nursing : Theoretical Reflections of the Virtual Child

Research your topic using material from your textbook and other resources. Include your ideas and feelings about the topic. Remember to carefully note where you get information so that you can reference it properly in your assignment. Introduce your topic in the first part of your assignment. Include links to developmental theory.

Decide what observation tools/techniques you would use to find out more about your child (and other children) in this area. Explain why you would choose these techniques and how you would go about using them.

Review your virtual child assignment. Look at the child’s development in your area of interest. Make notes to help you remember and write down specific examples of his/her behaviour in these areas. The various reports will be very helpful. Remember to use quotation marks if you quote directly from the reports. Connect your virtual child’s development to developmental ‘norms’.

Develop at least three learning opportunities for supporting children’s development in your area of interest within the group setting. Base your learning opportunities on children’s interests and developmental theory. Link your learning opportunities to outside sources and be sure they are clearly linked to your area of interest. Do not include learning opportunities that occur regularly in the child care centre (avoid things like ‘making playdough’ or ‘block play’. Discuss how you might modify these strategies for a range of children’s abilities. Be very clear in your link to theory.

Write a one-page self-reflection on the strengths and challenges of the assignment and the learning that took place for you. Include a discussion of the theorist or theorists who most influence your practice. Include specific examples of how you use theory in your everyday practice.

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