Nursing – Ysabel ’ s Care -National Health And Safety Standards- Nursing Assessment Help TASK..

Nursing – Ysabel’s Care -National Health And Safety Standards- Nursing Assessment Help


Identify all clinical practice issues in Ysabel’s care during all of her hospitalisation.
Identify all National Health and Safety Standards that have been breached inYsabel’s care and discuss how these standards have been breached.
From your list of identified National Health and Safety Standards, choose two standards, review literature and discuss how those 2 standards could have been maintained by health care staff in the care of Ysabel and her family during her hospitalisation.
Based on your 2 chosen standards, what recommendations would you make for changes to health care practice at the ward level? Support your recommendations with rationales supported by evidence-based literature.


Give a brief outline of the topic that is the focus of your project. (Your topic will be one of the safety standards you researched in Project Part A relating to Ysabel Green’s case –
Briefly outline how the standard was compromised In Ysabel’s care)
Students Please note: when you present this case to your audience you are required to de-identify the patient due to privacy issues
Who is your audience (who is your project being presented to i.e. ward staff – nurses/health professionals?)
Produce a brief outline of what it is you wish to convey to your audience. For this section
Identify and discuss the method you will use to evaluate that your message has beenreceived and understood by your audience.
In your discussion explain why you have chosen this method to evaluate the impact of your presentation on your audience. Therefore, if you choose to use an evaluation tool that has already been published, you will need to discuss why you have chosen that tool and why it is appropriate for your project. Or, alternately if you develop your own evaluation tool with questions for your audience
Discuss why those questions are the most appropriate and relevant to assess your project.

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