One of the five factors of influence (authority)

(MyPsychLab clips, “Social Influence,” “Becoming a Detective of Social Influence,” “Car Salesman”)

Social Influence that examine compliance tactics and other strategies that are used to influence others and the used of consider on how these tactics can be used both to alleviate a social problem and alter individual behavior.

How is your behavior or that of another person influenced by specific compliance tactics?

How is the social problem you brought to mind influenced by one or more of the compliance tactics you have learned about?

How might the social influence findings discussed by Robert Cialdini be used to address this social problem?

How might you alter your own behavior in consideration of Cialdini’s social influence findings?
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One must first consider an actual social problem which existed because McCarthyism. The term McCarthyism is derived from the name of Senator Joseph McCarthy who in 1950 began a crusade against communists in the United States in the wake of the Rosenberg trial for espionage and providing the Soviets with information regarding America’s nuclear weapons program (atomic bomb). Due to his (McCarthy) energetic pursuit of communism and his push to have legislation passed. The congress and Supreme Court allowed various legislation regarding wiretapping, records search, personal information, and association to be passed. The passing of this legislation was under the guise of protecting America from the communists. The result was that hundreds of people were “blacklisted” as communists even if they had never associated with communists but had lunch with someone who had been. (1) Some of the people who McCarthy tried to “blacklist” were Humphrey Bogart and Kirk Douglas; however, the majority of those in Hollywood were screen writer.

The social compliance tactic is “Authority” in seminal studies and …