Organizational Behavior: Building Community

Find, describe, and evaluate an organization you are familiar with in relationship to its ability to build community. Use the following in analyzing how effective the organization is/might be in doing this:
? characteristics of the organization’s sub-groups that do/would contribute to or distract from building community
? examples of member roles and their positive and negative impact on building community in their group and in the organization
? examples of the relationship between individual behavior and group dynamics that contribute to or detract from building community in the organization
? what individual behaviors and member roles (yours) support positive group dynamics and, therefore, the potential to build community in your organization
? what individual behaviors and member roles of (yours) contribute to negative group dynamics in your organization and, therefore, the inability to build community in your organization
? identify one individual behavior and one member role of yours that you would like to modify; describe what you will do to make this change; define the outcome(s) you expect when you are successful for yourself, for the organization, for building community

Definitions of: specific behavior, group member roles, group dynamics, organizations, and community.

I need help getting started e.g. information, idfeas and suggestions for each section. Thank you.
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