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Re:Topic 2 DQ 1

Qualitative research is like a mountain of words which a researcher can be overwhelmed by, and the most effective way to manage that information is by having a way of organizing data in programs that are systematic in such a way that it would be easy to retrieve data when the researcher needs it. One can choose a software program that can be able to synthesize information in various purposes, and functions.

Research involves the collection of data, analyzing, and assembly of important information. Qualitative research data collection can be done through interviews, field notes and observations which the researcher would be looking to answer the question, what Is going on here? Data should support the question being asked. Qualitative data, such as transcripts from an interview, are often routed in the interaction between the participant and the researcher. The researcher, may be able to reflect on how all the collected data may have influenced both the data collected and the analysis of the data. Being organized helps to be able to refer to information easily, and also helps keep track of where everything is, and be able to pull it out whenever one needs it.


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