Peer Review

Peer Review

Part I

Listen to the following podcasts to prepare for reviewing a fellow student’s report from Week 5, which your instructor will assign you. Make references (using APA format) to each podcast in your report.

Preparing for a Hurricane (1)

Preparing for a Hurricane (2)

Staying Safe in your Home During a Hurricane 

Part II

Evaluate the report as assigned to you by the instructor. Include in your evaluation the following:

Completeness of data and information source quality.
Understanding of the disease’s relevance to public health.
Understanding of organizational functioning and intervention effectiveness.
Validity of arguments and writing and presentation clarity.
What you learned from the report.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Evaluated assigned report on the criteria specified. 12
Described learning from classmate’s report. 8
Revised own report based on evaluation. 12
Applied correct usage, grammar, and punctuation. 4
Total: 36
Document Preview:

Public Health Organization & Management LaTahysa Martin-Mckie South University Professor Alex Kadrie Introduce your public health preparedness action plan by including the mission, vision, administrative roles and responsibilities, objectives, and pandemic planning goals. Today public health awareness plans are going on in almost all develop countries. These countries involved US and Canada specifically. Moreover, the control on epidemics can be minimized by better administration. Business firms now introduce the strategies to avoid them before the problem arises. A better planning can help avoiding pandemic and other flu and epidemic spreads. Pandemic planning is actually done in order to keep the business going even if there is widespread of influenza or small pox etc. The goals of the pandemic planning are avoidance of absenteeism among employees. Moreover, the other goals include the lesser effect on health of people from the epidemic. To keep the regular and daily life at the normal schedule is the basic determination for the planning goals. National, provincial, private and international organizations can collaborate to work for the elimination process of the widespread. World Health Organization is quite active in the aspect. Influenza spread in Canada in last days was well managed by WHO and national government. WHO and government can perform administrative roles in determining the loss and precautions related to the widespread. The hospitals become actively involved in such cases. Care units are busier than ever before. The list making and spreadsheets of the facts and figures are very necessary to take any planning steps. Issuing press releases and furthermore awarding people about precautions and solutions through different channels are the major responsibilities of administration. The development of proposals or proposal making for the solution of the epidemic is also the main responsibility of administration, (World Health Organization…

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