Peer victimization

Each day on the school bus and during recess, Jodeeââ?¬”a quiet, sensitive fifth graderââ?¬”was pushed, pelted with gravel, and showered with insults by her classmates. Following the advice of her well-meaning parents, she tried to ignore her tormentors. What factors made Jodee susceptible to peer victimization? How can it be prevented?

Post a 200- to 300-word response.

  1. Explain why many affluent youths are at risk for poor adjustment. Cite examples.

Post a 200- to 300-word response.
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Peer victimization is defined as intentional acts of aggression by a peer or group of peers who from a position of strength direct that power at the weaker individual for the express purpose to damage the status, social standing, or social relationships within a particular group. The results of this aggression causes the victim to view themselves as being hurt or abused and causes significant damage to the individual’s perception of self as well as causing social relationships within the peer group to suffer. Some examples of actions which are considered hurtful would be slander, spreading rumors, manipulating personal and classroom or organizational friendships. Additionally, physical violence can also be perpetrated against the victim. Victimization can be direct or indirect, that is, it can be directly related to situations in which the victim is involved in or without the victim being present.

There are two types of victims; the passive or non-aggressive victims and the provocative or aggressive victims. The passive and non-aggressive victims usually ignore the victimization such as Jodee which often times encourages the victimization to increase as the person is seen as an easy target. The provocative victim usually reacts in an inappropriate manner towards the victimization which also results in an increase in victimization.

Jodee can be considered a passive victim and the majority of these passive victims experience internalizing behavioral problems such as emotional distress, loneliness, confusion, and anger. Although the Jodeeââ?¬â?¢s parents have good intentions; Jodeeââ?¬â?¢s parents have unwittingly made Jodee an easier target for this victimization. Even though Jodeeââ?¬â?¢s parents told her to ignore it; the bullying will continue unless intervention occurs.

The first step to preventing bullying is for the school to assess if they have a bullying problem with a particular student or group of students. The next step would be to improve the …