Persuasiveness of Ads, Individuality, Conformity, Obedience

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1.There are four factors that impact the persuasiveness of a message: the communicator (who says it), the message (what is said, the channel (how it is said), and the audience (to whom it is said). select an advertisement and evaluate its message for persuasiveness. Please post your response to this thread.

2.0Most individuals who want to express their uniqueness, but not be greatly deviant, express their distinctiveness through their personal style and dress. Do you think that as shoulder tattoos become perceived as pack behavior that their popularity will decline? Why or why not?

What is the relationship between conformity and obedience?
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1. I take it any type of advertisement is acceptable. For the purpose of illustration I’ll choose a television ad I can find on the internet. Here is a link to the famous 1984 Mac ad:
The communicator is the company of course, but the ad also suggests the advertising message is coming from anti-conformists or ‘rebels’ against the ‘establishment’. The message is that Apple products are anti-establishment, provide people a choice, revolutionary, innovative and are for independent people. The audience is clearly people dissafected with conventional personal computer hardware and software. The channel is visual, allegorical but also very direct, simple, and emotional. In my opinion this ad is very successful in …