Policy Analysis Paper

Topic for this paper would be food-stamps.This is a multiple due date paper, the first part is due by June 2.
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POLICY ANALYSIS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS & GRADING RUBRIC Each student shall research a social problem and policy initiative and write a paper describing the nature and severity of the social problem as well as the goals and effects of the social policy implemented to address the problem. This assignment requires that you utilize current information and scholarly research about a social problem that is recognized as being national in scope and about federal or state social policy legislation. Your policy paper will be drafted and submitted in three parts. Each part will be graded for completion and returned with feedback, which should be incorporated into revisions for the final submission of your paper. Part I (10 points)—Social Problem Definition & Analysis Due 11:59pm 06/02/15 Part II (10 points)—Policy Description Due 11:59pm 06/23/15 Part III (10 points)—Critique Due 11:59pm 07/14/15 Final Paper (70 points)—Revised Parts I, II, & III Due 11:59pm 07/28/15 Your final paper should be approximately 8-10 pages in length and conform to APA reference style. A helpful tutorial for APA style can be found at http://www.apastyle.org/. References should primarily consist of journal articles, government reports, and books or book chapters. Avoid using popular media and websites, such as Wikipedia. A paper that does not include parenthetical citations and a reference page will be regarded as plagiarized and penalized accordingly. Points will be deducted (see grading rubric) for spelling mistakes, typos, poor grammar, punctuation errors, etc. As discussed in the syllabus, I reserve the right to require students to rewrite their papers, if they possess significant errors. Your final paper should include the following content: Introduction Briefly state what your paper will cover. Social Problem Definition & Analysis Describe the importance and/or severity of the social problem you have chosen to examine. Address such questions as: ??What specifically is the social…

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