popular TV family dynamics

Give a brief description of the system dynamics of a fictional family or couple from a book, television show, movie, or other media source. Be sure to identify and describe specific examples of the following dynamics in the source you choose: permeable, diffused, and/or rigid boundaries; one subsystem; one supra system; one family rule (spoken or unspoken); and one family role.
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TV Family: The Winchesters

About the Family

Fans of US Primetime TV would be very family with Sam and Dean Winchester. They are the star characters of the CW TV Series ‘Supernatural’ created by Eric Kripke – a hit ‘horror adventure’ show that had been running for many years now. Fans have grown to understand that the show revolves on the relationship of the 2 brothers, ‘hunters’ of the supernatural that come to inflict terror and destruction upon humanity. Their mother, Mary, died when they were young, murdered by a demon when she tried to save Sam, her youngest. They grew up with a father, John, who made hunting the demon that killed his wife a family crusade. Unlike most boys, they grew up knowing that the world of the Supernatural is out there – monsters, demons, angels and otherworldly beings – most out to harm while some out to protect humanity. It is their mom’s family that were the ‘hunters’, their father, an army veteran only got deeply involved in hunting when he lost his wife when his son Sam was targeted for a then unknown plan by the demon with ‘yellow eyes’. As sons of a hunter their lives were not typical – they travelled with their father from town to town, ‘saving people, hunting things’ that would shrink the average human into a ball of fear. As such, they missed out on childhood, a father, and a typical family. Sam went from school to school and Dean learned at a young age to be very proficient with guns and all other necessary skills to help in their survival – from using stolen credit cards, to cooking for his brother. It was Dean, the eldest, who took on the protective role over Sam who saw their father as one who does not at all care about the future and the well-being of his …