Prepare a paper with a minimum of four complete pages (not including title or reference page/double spaced) on a topic of your choice we’ve covered in class this semester. You should discuss the legal principle involved and you can include cases from our

I need an explanation for this Law question to help me study.

The paper must be completed in Microsoft Word program.

Grading Matrix


  • Rule of law explained in detail (20)
  • Identify the source of the law discussed (10)
  • Apply the law to something you or someone you know has experienced (15)
  • At least one case that shows the application of the law discussed-include the issue, both sides of the argument, how court decided and what reason did it give (15)
  • Reflection (personal observations on the issue) (10)


  • Introduction and Conclusion
  • Logical flow of ideas following structure set in the introduction
  • Sentences are complete, clear and concise
  • Sentences are well constructed
  • Instructions were followed


  • Grammar/Spelling
  • APA standards
  • Length meets parameters (Minimum of 4 complete pages)
  • Effective use of headings, fonts and white space

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