Provide an introduction to topic and state the importance of law and ethics in nursing practice..

  1. Introduction: Provide an introduction to topic and state the importance of law and ethics in nursing practice (300 word)
  2. Portfolio Entry 1: Include the ethical vignette (scenario situation). Reflect on your everyday practice and try to identify a situation which represented an ethical problem or dilemma. The situation may also involve relevant legal and/or professional issues which it may be appropriate to address.(500 words)
    What is a vignette
    The ethical vignette aims to highlight ethical and legal issues through a record of clinical interactions. We recommend that the ethical dilemma is from a real-life situation that you have experienced, however it may be a hypothetical case based on your reading of the topic. If you are using a real-life situation please make sure the names and details of the characters, environment and situation are not identifiable (i.e. provide psuedo-names). In order to write about the case youmust have a clear sense of the value of your ethical dilemma and form a clear picture of the case you wish to present. It is important to stick to the facts about the case.
    The vignette ability to capture the ethical and legal issues comes from the structure, therefore it is important to divide into the sections including: introduction; case study; assessment of the ethical/legal issue; and plan. Each section will consist of a narrative describing the historical or social context of the ethical and/or legal issues. Consider what was especially challenging about the case and check if similar cases have been reported previously in the literature.
    How to get started in writing your vignette/scenario: Note the facts: who involved? What is the situation?
    Identify the ethical issues: what is at stake? what values are in conflict?
    At what point did you consider there was a ethical/legal problem/dilemma?
    Brainstorm options available : what did they do? what could have been done?
    It will be important to think about the message or lesson that the case will present throughout your portfolio.

When writing the vignette keep the case concise and focused. Avoid the use of jargon and abbreviations and use the same tense verbs throughout.