PSY 310 Week 1 Fun Challenge

Week One Fun Challenge
Here is a challenge to keep you occupied for a day or so while all the members of the class get Online.

Here is a lateral thinking challenge

Remember that if you want to make this harder, do not read your fellow
classmates answers before you try it yourself.

Remember no going to your lateral thinking book to look up the answer

Ok so here is the challenge:

You are in a country where there are only liars and truthtellers, and they cannot be told apart by sight.

You set out on a dangerous trip, because there is a fork in the road that can lead to either a crocodile swamp (death) or to safety. When you reach the fork, the sign post is gone, but there are two men standing there. One is a liar and one is a truthteller. You cannot tell them apart.

You know that they will answer only one question between them. What question can you ask either of them that will tell you which road is safe?

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