PSY 310 Week 2 Fun Challenge

Week Two Fun Challenge

I have to make these harder since everyone is so good at the first one
So here is week two’s challenge
Remember no cheating and looking up the answer or going to the internet.
Try this yourself before looking at your fellow classmates
Here is the challenge
Three men, members of a safari, are captured by cannibals in the jungle.
The men are given one chance to escape with their lives.
The men are lined up and bound to stakes such that one man can see the backs of the other two, the middle man can see the back of the front man, and the front man can’t see anybody.
The men are shown five hats, three of which are black and two of which are white.
Then the men are blindfolded, and one of the five hats is placed on each man’s head.
The remaining two hats are hidden away.
The blindfolds are removed.
The men are told that if just one of the men can guess what hat he’s wearing, they may all go free.
Time passes.
Finally, the front man, who can’t see anyone, correctly guesses the color of his hat.
What color was it, and how did he guess correctly?

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