Okay I checked and I think we have all we need for this one. Now it is the research methods course PSY326 that is next
On that one I believe I sent you the course syllabus if not let me know its Research Methods.. In week one : Research Article Identification Assignment.
Then in week 2: Both Discussion questions Research Design and Hypothesis Testing they both are basically one little project. and then the Assignment : Annotated Bibliography of Research Methods.
** In week 2 there is a Powerpoint presentation of like no more than 5 slides and it states there is a Research Design template but I could not locate it, but I did google PSY326 Research design template and found slides that someone had done. .
** On this one I have to talk on the presentation, but have NO clue as to what to say if you could write me something to go with it I’ll do the voice.
Week 3: Critique of a research study Assignment
Then in week 5: Final Paper Proposal
** The final paper will be using Weeks 1 and 3 from what I read.

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