follow instructions step by step , it is a research APA styles with 5 references and 5 pages

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The four basic functional components of the U.S. health care delivery system include (1)financing, (2)insurance, (3)delivery, and (4)quality. Review four (4) DIFFERENT pieces of new [2011-2012 ONLY] or pending legislation related to health care at the local, state, or federal level, one for each of the four components [One legislation for finance, one different legislation for insurance, one different legislation for delivery, and one different legislation for quality] of the U.S. health care delivery system. NOTE: DO NOT include the Obama Healthcare Plan! Be sure to include the name and number of the Bill, plus who, when, what, and why of EACH chosen piece of legislation for the four [finance, insurance, delivery, quality] components: The BILL: BOTH the Name and legislation or Bill number, The WHO introduced the legislation [Complete name of person NOT organization or lobbyist], The WHEN it was proposed or enacted [complete date within the Year of 2011-2012 ONLY], The WHAT the legislation is about, and The WHY this legislation is needed. Answer the 2 follow up questions: Which of these components is more important than the other three? Why? What type of organization would best lobby for your chosen component? Why? Be sure to LABEL each section and include an introduction, conclusion and appropriate sources

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