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Task 4: Justify your investigation by evaluating it in terms of its effectiveness and explain how it could be further improved.
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U41-P5/M4 Investigation on mental illnesses Aim- The aim of the study is to investigate whether females have mood problems than males in second year Science students at Stanmore College. Hypothesis- Second year females BTECH science students will have more mood associated problems than male second year science BTECH students. This investigation involves finding out whether male or female BTECH science students show more mood associated problems than male second year science BTECH student. The participants took part in a questionnaire this was completed at Stanmore College. What is depression? Depression is used to describe everyday feelings of low mood which could affect us from time to time. Symptoms of depression could be feeling sad or fed up to experiences which are upsetting, stressful or difficult. The results show that female participants showed more symptoms of mood associated problems. At least 350 million people live depression1, and is known to be the leading cause of disability worldwide. Depression is affected also to the family of the patient and the patient as well and could have a huge impact on their lives. Depression could start at a young age affect women more commonly than men. 1 of 2 mothers out of 10 has depression after childbirth. Depression also could affect how a mother could care for her child and this could affect the child’s growth and development (2). A research was conducted to compare the rates of major depressive disorders and be able to compare the symptoms between women and men aged between 18-24 years. In this study there were 1560 participants used were screened with the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview. The participants then were asked to complete a self-report questionnaire so that they could gather information on if someone has depression this was accessed using a Beck Depression Inventory. From the results it showed women had the highest percentage of likely hood for depression (12.2%) and men only had…

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