Research online about an example of a mismanagement or misappropriation of funds within a nonprofit

Format of written analysis paper:Please use standard APA guidelines: 12 point font, Arial or Times New Roman, 1’ Margins (I check), double spaced, formal/professional writing for graduate/professional level assignments, and use citations when necessary.

write 2pages reflecting on your thoughts as a social worker or nonprofit leader. (not including cover page)

You may respond to several of the prompt questions listed below as well as any additional responses or reflection you feel are appropriate for this assignment.

Suggested Reflection Prompts/Questions.

1.What is your initial reaction to the situation or experience you researched?

2.Given your status as a resident or citizen taxpayer, how do you feel about the nonprofits’ management of funds? Your taxes that potentially have been misappropriated?

3.Given your experience and competencies as a nonprofit leader, what types of nonprofit management skills come to mind in a situation like this one? From a program perspective? From a fiscal perspective?

4.Given your understanding of MACRO social work skills at the graduate level, what types of intervention strategies come to mind for the various stakeholders involved? The Board of Directors? From the MICRO Perspective? From the MACRO perspective? What about the Social Work Code of Ethics?

5.As a nonprofit fiscal leader, given the information you have already learned in this course and courses in your degree plan/certification, what steps would you take to prevent this type of mismanagement from taking place in your own nonprofit agency?

Helpful Hint: A nonprofit agency could be a direct service agency, a university, a museum, a government information assistance resource center, a social welfare program, a school district, etc. Use your critical thinking skills for the identification of a nonprofit part of this assignment.

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