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I need to complete the research for the proposal submitted. The paper should explore the construction of gender inequality in the public sphere. I would like to look at areas such as in the workplace (pay gap, working conditions), politics and religion.
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The Construction of Gender Inequality Dezrine A Tomlin Smith Student, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology Major) Athabasca University Overview Our society as it exists today is organized by gender, with individuals categorized into a binary classification as being ‘men’ or ‘women’. Individuals are then assigned different jobs and positions, and are socialized to the work within the expectations of the assigned gender category. As a result of the distribution of privileges and rewards, based on how gender is used to allocate social positions resulting in men’s work being considered more prestigious and receives more pay than women’s work. In this paper, I explore how the social construction of gender and sex ultimately gives rise to the inequality between the sexes. This arises from cultural norms deeply embedded in the beliefs of differences between the sexes and the role expectation for women and men in the public and private sphere. Introduction In the social sciences the word ‘sex’ is much contested. In our everyday conversations, sex is generally used to identify the biological features of an individual for classification as to being male or female. Sex can also be used to refer to the sexual intimacy shared between two or more persons through sexual intercourse. The term has become contested as over the past decades, several fields of study, especially feminists scholars have began to debate the significance and meaning of the term with many opposing the biological nature that results in gender, believing instead that sex is socially and culturally constructed (Butler, 1990). Persons who support this view believe that this construction is a deliberate act in order to assign different roles to men and women as is determined by the characteristics associated with maleness or femaleness (Butler, 1990). It is through this determination of role difference that the inequality between the sexes arises. Although there has been significant progress made in…

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