Simon is a 14 year old male who presents at the emergency department in status asthmaticus….

Simon is a 14 year old male who presents at the
emergency department in status asthmaticus. His dad
reports he had just been picked for the school soccer team
and was playing his first game when he started to wheeze,
but didn’t want to come off and use his prescribed inhalers.
Dad reports this has been the case more and more as
Simon has moved in to his teenage years. On examination,
Simon has an audible wheeze and is unable to speak in full
sentences. His respiratory rate is 32 breaths per minute.
Pulse oximetry reveals an SaO2 of 88% and a pulse rate of

  1. He appears a little cyanotic and is visibly distressed
    and anxious. When asked what medication he was taking,
    Dad says that Simon had just been taking his “normal
    puffers”, but Simon says that he had also been taking
    ibuprofen for a sprained ankle he picked up in training.
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  2. Remember when choosing your priority problems and interventions Assessment and evaluation are not interventions – they are methods of finding out what the problem is and whether the intervention has worked. Signs & symptoms are not problems – They are indicators that lead us to an over-arching problem 2. How many collaborative and independent interventions can we use as the video confused me? Out of the four interventions you choose (two for each prioirty problem) 3 may be collaborative with another meber of the healthcare team, but one must be an entirely nurse initiated response. 3. Do the in text references count as part of the word count? Yes they do. The reference list and cover page do not. You can go + or – 10% on the word count. 4. What references are we allowed to use? We would prefer journal articles but you can also use books. Blogs and general healthcare websites are to be avoided and are not considered suitable for academic writing. Websites such as the Asthma Foundation or the Heart Foundation are suitable but should not be the source of all references. Remember to watch the video under the assessment task tab on how to search for evidence. References can be no more than 7 years old, i.e. prior to 2012 unless they are considered lanmark papers in the field. You need a minimum of 20 references for this essay. 5. Can we use interventions already written up on the medical documentation? Yes but they may need modification, for instance oxygen flow rates or medication doses. 7. Can I use subheadings and do I need a title for the essay? No you do not use subheadings in an academic essay and you do not need a title for the essay 8. Do I believe the priority problems and nursing intervetions on the Facebook page some students from this subject have set up? If Social media pages are created opn this topic, they are not managed nor reviewed by academic staff. Discussion between peers is to be supported in all formats and it is good to engage in an…