Socialization Survey

Develop a 10-question survey on how socialization affects us. Develop 10 questions that would help you understand how the individuals completing the survey are affected by socialization. Give the survey to at least five individuals. The questions should demonstrate thought and be designed to gather information on socialization’s effect on the individuals surveyed such as, “When you are ignored, how do you feel?” or “If you go to a party and everyone else is dressed formally, but you show up in jeans, do you feel out of place?” Summarize your findings by preparing a two-page memo to your boss providing an overview of socializaqtion that summarizes the results of the survey and your interpretation and conclusions of the results. Attach a copy of the survey to your memo.
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As you develop a 10-question survey on how socialization affects us, please allow some of my model questions to guide you:

  1. How does race impact the way you are treated in eating establishments, banks, classrooms, gyms, etc?
  2. When compared with a member of the opposite sex, how equitable are you treated in terms of jobs, classroom activities/group work, publicly?
  3. When compared with a …