Studies in Applied Ethics

    Without giving names or any other information that might identify the person, give an example of a person who you think fits either one of Kohlberg's stages or one of Gilligan's steps; and identify the stage/step.(Do not use a child as an example as they are supposed to be "immature".)

    Explain what it was about that person that led you to identify them with that stage or step. (Be detailed and give specific examples of what the person did or why that demonstrates the stage of moral development).

For example, I think of my old neighbor as fitting Kohlberg’s Stages 5 or 6. He was a minister when I was growing up and chose to be fired from two different churches because he stood up for racial equality and justice in a time when that was not a popular stance. The leaders of one of the churches ordered him to stand at the door and tell black people they could not enter. (The leaders were afraid that someone would bomb the church if blacks and whites worshipped together. That had happened in some places.) He said that he could not do that and later we moved shortly thereafter so I don’t know where he ended up. I could share other examples about him, but you get the point.

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