Term Paper Research paper : A formal research paper is to be submitted for this course. The topic..

Term Paper

Research paper: A formal research paper is to be submitted for this course. The topic of the paper is as follows:

Compare and contrast two major approaches (humanistic and behavioral) of personality by developing a personality profile of an individual (including their typical behavior, temperament, and related psychological factors) and then providing explanations for the person’s behavior/personality from the two different theoretical perspectives. Also, explain the theories used to explain the individual’s behavior/personality and describe any assessments that might be used in assessing the individual’s personality from each theory. Be sure to include recent research to support your selections. The paper should be at least 6 pages long of content (that does not include the title page, abstract page, and references list). The paper must be written using 6th Edition APA format with a minimum of 5 peer reviewed journal articles from the last 5 years as references and 10 total references. Internet websites are acceptable if they have an institutional origin (such as a University).

Online peer reviewed journal articles and texts are acceptable. The text for this course may be used as an additional reference. The paper will be graded for content, structure, and overall academic quality. Instructions for return of papers are in the course guidelines/expectations under the homepage. Your paper should include a title page, abstract page, the body of paper, and a reference list.

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