The aim of this assignment is to develop skills in the creation of an introductory section of a…

The aim of this assignment is to develop skills in the creation of an introductory section
of a formal scientific report. You will perform a literature search to find related articles
to the topic in question. You will also need to think creatively and logically with respect
to developing a novel idea for a new experiment.
There is a large body of research from the social psychology literature that people tend to
be obedient and willing to follow instructions (even when they do not agree with them)
when they are presented to them by an authority figure. Stanley Milgram’s experiment
demonstrated that the majority of people continue to follow instructions even when there
is a possibility that someone will be harmed in the process. For background on this
experiment and the general methodology please watch the clip in the following link:
For this assignment you will complete two short sections of written work. Normally in an
academic paper these two sections would form the “Introduction” but here we would
like you to separate them for the purpose of marking and to ensure you include
sufficient content in each section. The requirements for each section are detailed below.
In addition, some comments are provided on how each section will be assessed by your
Reading and preparation
You will need to read the article by Dolinski et al (2017) available on the Moodle page
under the assessments tab. You should also conduct a literature search to find at least
TWO additional papers of your choosing on the Milgram experiment or obedience
experiments more broadly. You are not expected to conduct an extensive literature
search, but you should demonstrate that you have found important and useful work on
this topic, that you have read these papers, and that you understand their significance.
The papers that you decide to read will determine the rationale for the experiment you
present and in this sense it is important you find articles that you think are interesting to
you (as determined by reading the abstract).
You must include a reference section at the end of your report. Citations and references
should be in APA format and details of this formatting convention can be found in the
basics of APA referencing flash tutorial on Moodle

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