The case study will be presented as a formal academic paper and conform to the Federation…

Formatting & presenting your essay
Writing requirement
• The case study will be presented as a formal academic paper and conform to the Federation
University, Faculty of Health, Student Academic Handbook (Higher Education). Essays at
university need to respond to the question by developing an argument which is based on
evidence and critical reasoning. They must have certain key elements including;
? A clear introduction with a question statement (an answer to the question or a
response to the task) and a well-defined structure,
? Logically structured body paragraphs which include supporting evidence from academic
? A clear conclusion which restates your topic and summaries your essay
? A reference list (as per APA citation style)
• Students must use a minimum ten (10) references.
• Students should commit 20 hours of preparation for this element of the assessment task.
• Refer to marking Guide for specific details required for successful completion of task.
• Word Count: 2000 words (excluding Reference list).
Due Dates and Submission Instructions:
• This assessment task is due on Monday the 27th May (Week 11) by midday.
• Students should name their assessment task in the following format:
• studentnamestudentnumberNURBN1001PART2.dc/.doc.x (e.g.
• Students are required to submit the assessment task as a Microsoft Word file
(.doc/.docx) via the corresponding Assessment Task 3 Turnitin link within the Assessment
tab of Moodle.
• Please note that the essay will be graded within Turnitin using GradeMark.
• Feedback and Grade of this assessment task will be provided to students after ratification
meeting on early July.
Formatting and fonts
• Font – Your essay should be word processed in 10-11-point Times New Roman or Arial fonts
• Spacing -set your line spacing to 1.5 lines.
• Indents or breaks – Leave a space of one line between paragraphs, rather than indenting the
first line. A good way to do this is to set your spacing at 12pt after a line.
• Section headings -left aligned, bold and numbered. The numbering should be the same as
given in your contents page. Be consistent in your numbering of headings and sub-headings.
• Title- at the top, centrally aligned.