THE SEVEN LESSONS LEARNT IN THE COURSE   NAME:   INSTITUTION: The seven lessons that are important and I have learnt then I my course In the essay below, I am going to use and apply th




The seven lessons that are important and I have learnt then I my course

In the essay below, I am going to use and apply the knowledge which I have from this course to come up with seven most important lesson that I have learnt in the learnt in my course. I will try to explain what I have understood giving a detailed explanation and being precise.

The first lesson that I have learnt that different genders behave differently because of the upbringing of the child:

There two main gender which include the masculine and the feminine. When we come to the theories of gender development theories we find out that according to sigmoid Freud, there is the issue of children getting behavior from their parents. This is where we find out that both boys and girls learn a lot from their mothers.

In the earlier years I thought that the boys got their behaviors from their fathers and the girls from their mothers which is not the case here. 

When I talk about learning from their mothers and not fathers it means that the girls because they physically look like their mother hence they inherit the behavior and for the boys it is because the mother is the one who is next to them not the father. 

In conclusion I have felt that this was important topic since it has helped me to understand this issue of how children gets their behaviors. Hence parents especially the mothers ought be very careful while handling their children and remember that they are part of shaping the future behavior of their children.

The second new lesson that I have learnt from this course is that people at most times learn behaviors by watching.

In the past I thought that behavior and personality of children is born in them, so you find that if a child is arrogant then this behavior is genetic from their parents which has been wrong. 

According to cognitive theory or social theory we find out that children get behaviors from the people who are known as schemas of their role models. This is where by the children watch people who are older than then. Example for the boys, they watch other boys who are older than then, then they follow their behaviors and hence adopting this behavior.

In conclusion I feel that in our society today we should have people with good behaviors nest to our children. Because if there are bad people then the children will automatically adopt this behavior which is certainly not good for them. If we want a society that is good and full of good morals then let up let our children handlers, the day care centers and other children upbringing areas be places which are run by people with good morals.

The third lesson that I have learnt is that the behavior of children is changeable:

In the past the general society and I before taking this class thought that most children’s behavior cannot be changed no matter what it takes because what is naturally in you is like your restore point.

But when we have read the theories of development, I have found out that behavior is easily shaped. If you do not want a particular behavior from a child then you give a negative reinforcement and if you want to encourage a behavior then you give a positive one.

In conclusion I have known that we should know when to give which type of reinforcement to which behavior. For example when girls are told that they should sit up with their legs closed it means that they will adopt this behaviors and when is told that he is the one who should open the door, then he take it as his duties.

The fourth lesson that I have understood from the course is that there is a reason why there are fights among group members today

In the past I used to think that people in groups had fights because of their personal needs and greed. Also from this course I have realized why people in groups have fights because of different reasons. 

Because of this topic I have realized that the fights in the group come in the second stage of group formation. So the fights that are found in the groups are there because of people different opinions towards the reasons of the formation and due to the reason that people think differently.

In conclusion if we do not want fights in the groups, people have to make sure that they put their opinions together and subdivide positions that are there in the group to make sure that there are no conflicts also.

The fifth lesson I have learnt from this course is that people should respect the ideas and capabilities of the other gender and sex.

In the past the society has believed that there is a gender which is more superior to the other one. The male is the gender which is more dominant and it assumes the jobs that are serious and need a lot of strength and heavy thinking.

Since I have leant this topic, I have realized that all the genders are equal and we should recognize and appreciate every one. There are no particular jobs for men and others for the women. 

In conclusion I have learnt that have to appreciate each gender and the saying that goes that what a man can do a woman can do it better is good and highly applicable in our society. There is no inferior gender and superior one also.

The sixth lesson I have learnt from this course is that we should choose the people’s choices and their relationships we have.

In the past before learning this topic, I used to feel that the people who are gays (attracted from one man to the other one) and also the lesbians (where women and women have a relationship) are people who are ethical and morally upright.

In this course and the lesson we have learnt I have realized that genders have issue when they have a relationship among each other, relationships of people who are male to male and female to female which are different choices of people.

In conclusion I have realized that people have different choices among each other. So it is a normal thing if we have gays and lesbians in our society.

The last lesson that is very important that people of different races have to be respected.

In the past it is well known in the society that there are genders which are better which are better and superior than others. There are also races which are superpowers and others are weak.

From this course I have learnt that there are different races in the world and the races are different in colors of their skins and the ways their faces seem, the color of their eyes, their hair type and other physical traits. Also the different languages which are used.

In conclusion I have understood that we should have a peaceful coexistence among different races and people of other skin colors generally. We should also have a mutual respect where the ideas of the other races have to be listened to and put into use.