there are four questions and answer it each one for 100 words WRITE A PARAGRAPH ON EACH QUESTION:…

there are four questions and answer it each one for 100 wordsWRITE A PARAGRAPH ON EACH QUESTION: (Each Answer must be at least 100 words total for all parts combined. Anything less will lead to a reduction in points.) Remember to use one of the following file formats: .doc .rtf .txt or .docx. The following files are especially problematic and should not be submitted: .wp .wps .cwx .zip , .odt and .page file extensions. (See me during office hours or call the Help Desk (869-6776) if you need assistance with uploading or converting files into one of the accepted formats. But you must do so ‘before” the deadline passes).
1. Define/identify (a) 3 of the seven studying techniques listed in Chapter 1. Be sure to Bold or underline these 3 key terms from the list; and (b) specify which technique you find personally most important for your own studying habits. Be sure to bold your selected technique in your answer.
2. Define/identify (a) 3 of the seven strategies reviewed in Chapter 3 which assist someone in getting better sleep. Bold the key strategies in your answer; and (b) specify which strategy you believe would be best in assisting you in getting better sleep. Bold this strategy in your answer.
3. What are three steps adults might takehttps://www…com/eactivity-select-one-of-the-news-events-regarding-nteu-and-provide-a-brief-critique-of-the-1/ if they witness a child or children being bullied? Bold or underline each step in your answer.
4. What are Erickson’s psychosocial stages of development. Bold or underline each stage in your answer; and (b) describe a personal example of an experience you had in one of these stages when you were growing up. In your answer, bold or underline the stage you were in.the ebook is here ,its like you need to read two chapters , I will give you the account for the website.

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