There are many different settings in which a healthcare administrator may find themselves employed such as a long-term care facility, a group…

1) Current initiatives and/or trends in the healthcare setting you chose

2) The importance of ethics in healthcare, specifically surrounding the healthcare setting of your choice. Discuss 1-2 ethical issues that healthcare professionals may face in that particular healthcare setting

3) The importance of communicating with a diverse group of stakeholders in the healthcare setting you chose (e.g., patients, internal staff, executive leadership) 

4) The role of patient advocacy in the healthcare setting you chose and how it can be improved

5) Access to care issues that exist in the healthcare setting you chose

6) Discuss any other relevant information you find in your research. 

The use of at least three appropriate academic literature sources is required and your paper should be formatted consistent with APA 6th edition methodology. Paper content will be evaluated in higher regard than paper length.  All papers should include an abstract, introduction, body, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography. Use of headers to direct reader attention is encouraged. 

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