CheckPoint: Rough Draft of the Research Paper
· Resources: Drafting Your Research Paper, full-sentence outline of your research paper;
the introduction and conclusion for your research paper; the Week Five assignment
Incorporating Statistics, Graphs, and Illustrations; Study Guide Web site; and Appendix F
· Due Date: Day 3 [Individual forum]
· Review the reading Drafting Your Research Paper and at the Study Guide Web site for
an example of how you can convert information in a full-sentence outline into paragraphs
for the rough draft.
· Create a rough draft by converting your full-sentence outline into the body of your paper,
attaching your introduction to the beginning and your conclusion to the end, and inserting
the visuals you created for the Week Five assignment. Remember to move smoothly
from one idea to the next and from one section of your paper to the next by adding
transitions. The rough draft should be a minimum of 1,500 words, complete enough for
the instructor to provide constructive feedback. Be sure to include your reference page
with the draft.
· Post your rough draft as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
· Review Appendix F.
· Submit a copy of your rough draft to the Center for Writing Excellence and to the
Plagiarism Checker for a review.
Document Preview:

Axia College Material Appendix F Services at the Center for Writing Excellence WritePointSM and Plagiarism Checker Tools The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is an excellent resource for both students and faculty. WritePointSM, one of CWE’s services, provides a quick, automated review of grammar, conventional usage, sentence structure, and formatting guidelines in submitted papers. Plagiarism Checker, another tool, helps to improve written communication skills by ensuring that submitted papers contain original material as well as appropriate citations and references for any paraphrased or quoted material. Although some instructors do not require that you use these tools, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the services before submitting papers. Many faculty members also use these tools as a first step in the grading process when evaluating papers. Accessing the Tools As an Axia student, you can access these tools on your Student Web page by logging in to HYPERLINK “” Once you have logged on to your home page, use the following steps to submit a paper to WritePointSM and to the Plagiarism Checker for review: Click the My Learning Resources link, located on the right. Select Tools & Tutorials from the drop-down menu. Click the Center for Writing Excellence link. Click the Submit Paper for Review link. Enter the paper’s title. Click the Browse button. Navigate to the location at which the paper is stored on your computer, such as the Desktop or My Documents. Click the filename of the paper to select and highlight the file you want to upload. Select Open. If you want your paper reviewed for possible plagiarized content as well, click once in the box next to Plagiarism Checker to enter a check mark. Click Submit. The WritePointSM tool is almost immediate once the submit button is clicked, unless there are many student papers in the queue. Be sure to allow enough time…

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