Week 8

“In this one-hour documentary originally shown on PBS, symphony conductor James DePreist, who contracted polio as a young man, profiles three people with disabilities whose lives have been shaped by the struggle for equal rights. Mr. DePreist is the nephew of African American contralto Marian Anderson, who in 1939 was prevented from singing at Constitution Hall. He draws parallels between racial barriers and the barriers faced by people with disabilities” (ADA.gov, 2008,1).http://www.ada.gov/mycountryvideo/hi_speed_qt/mycountrydslgallery.htm
Assignment: After watching “My Country,” discuss what you learned about the Independent Living Movement and the efforts of individuals with disabilities to secure basic civil rights. How do you think current disability policies support individuals’ rights? What do you think still needs improvement? Be sure to make reference to the assigned reading and video in your response.

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