Women studies essay

This assignment requires you to write two short essays (each essay to be approximately 500 words or 2 typed/word processed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page or reference section). Both essays have the same weighting. The first short essay must respond to Statement 1 below, and the second short essay to Statement 2 below.

In each case, make your position on the topic clear to the reader. Your analysis of each topic should be well balanced and critical. The discussion and arguments you present in your essays must also be informed by a relevant literature review. Thus, each essay must include references to at least three sources that come from the content presented in your textbook and/or the Reading File. You may also choose to include additional references to sources noted in the “Supplementary Materials and References” at the end of each section or to other resources you may have consulted in preparing your analysis.

Before beginning this assignment, take a few minutes to review the “Evaluation Guidelines for Assignments,” “Tips on Writing Essays and Research Papers,” “Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct,” and “Remarking Assignments” sections in this manual. If you have any difficulties preparing this assignment, contact your tutor immediately.

When you have completed both short essays, ensure that you make or keep a copy of each for your records.

Statement 1:

Based on and using examples from your required readings, critically discuss notions of autonomy as they relate to women’s health care. Include some discussion of the conflicts that arise from ideal and actual conditions defining patient autonomy.

Statement 2:

Based on and using examples from your required readings, critically discuss how gender expectations affect both paid and unpaid providers of health care. Include some analysis of ways in which the needs of women health care providers can be met.

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