Would outlawing alcohol be beneficial?

What do you think about outlawing alcohol again? Do you think that making alcohol illegal would reduce consumption for addiction?
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Dear Student,
Hello and thank you for using customnursingassignments. This question is asking for an opinion and as such, I give you one below. Remember however that you have to answer from a ‘psychological’ viewpoint which means that we must consider elements of addiction. It would also be good to consider some socio-political-cultural elements however. I would begin with the following outline:

  1. Alcohol addiction – what is it ââ?¬” about 50 words.
  2. Possible ‘legal ban’ – discuss it here, about 50 words.
  3. Effects of such a ban ââ?¬” about 200 words.
  4. Socio-political-cultural related elements ââ?¬” about 100 words.

The discussion below follows this outline. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Good luck with your studies.


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Alcohol Ban to Reduce Consumption?

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