I’m trying to learn for my Communications class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

‏2- you need to write another 800 words assignment in one of the following topics

A. the intercultural communication during a crisis,

B. the importance of ethics in Islamic culture,

C. Etiquette or Protocol of any Omani Organization.

‏4- when you will submit your assignments make sure to submit on the blackboard ( without coverage and reference) and send it to my email ( with coverage and reference)

‏5- your reference must e n APA style.

‏6- Presentation. you need to record a video will you are presenting your presentation or you need to conduct with me an online video call.( sen it in any time)

‏6- if you have any question please send me an email NOT Whatsapp message.

similarity less than 5%

Turnitin neede‏

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