You have recently been appointed (in a voluntary capacity) to lead the medical services in a..

You have recently been appointed (in a voluntary capacity) to lead the medical services in avolunteer organisation which provides first aid services at a range of sporting events. The position hasbeen vacant for two years and perhaps as a consequence, medical staff numbers have fallen, thereare very few policies to guide the volunteers and virtually all protocols have not been updated for overten years. The director responsible for all volunteers is and has been running the organisation to suithis own needs, which at times are in conflict with accepted medical practice. The administration ofdrugs during cardiac arrest procedures by medical officers, for example, has been discouragedbecause lay members of the organisation are unable to participate in this activity. He has oftendescribed the medical staff as being ‘elitist’ and ‘arrogant’ and does not like it when they try to‘bamboozle him with scientific information’. Despite being committed to assisting injured players atsporting events, morale is low amongst the medical staff volunteers who are now looking to you forleadership in this organisation.The organisation is well established and hierarchical. There are over 2000 volunteers of whom lessthan 100 are medical staff and there are approximately 150 nurses. A range of commercial providersis increasingly competing for contracts that your organisation has traditionally held.Questions to be answered (maximum of 500 words):1. Determine the difficulties facing this organisation.2. Determine the challenges you face in this leadership role.3. Justify how you would proceed in your new leadership role.4. Predict your chance (as a percentage) of implementing successful change in this organisation inthe next two years and justify why.

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