You need to include an introduction that includes a brief statement to set the context and…

research about population gruop (OLDER AUSTRALIANS (e.g. people over the age of 65) who are at risk of povertyrefrence should be from 2009-2019 (12 refrences ) (1600 words)
A. Introduction to your report

You need to include an introduction (approximately 100 words) that includes a brief statement to set the context and identifies what your report will cover in terms of (a) the population group you have chosen; (b) the factors impacting on SES; (c) health implications of poverty; and (d) the recommended strategies. This acts to ‘signpost’ to your reader what content will follow in your report.
B. Overview of your population group and prevalence of poverty

This section (approximately 150 words) builds on your introduction to provide more context for your report. You need to provide a credible definition of your population group and outline their prevalence in Australia. You should then provide current statistics outlining the prevalence of poverty within this population group.
C. Factors impacting on SES of the population group

You need to select one of the models/theoretical frameworks we have covered in HSH207 (i.e. Dahlgren and Whitehead or Turrell) and describe this briefly (approximately 50 words).

Then you need to use the chosen model/theoretical framework to identify and discuss at least three factors (approximately 150 words per factor) impacting the SES of the population group. In other words, what are three factors from your chosen model that might lead your population group to experience poverty?

Note that you only need to draw on one model, and you do not need to discuss every section of it. Instead, this discussion requires a thorough analysis of your population group in respect to the model and the impacts on SES (poverty).

Remember you must substantiate all statements of fact by citing their source (reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, online materials etc). You can draw on both Australian and international literature.
D. Health impacts of poverty for the population group

You will need to critically analyse at least four health impacts (approximately 150 words per health impact for a total of 600 words) of poverty for this topic. In this section you need to provide current information on the health impacts of SES drawing on Australian and international research.
E. Recommended strategies to overcome poverty

You need to develop three clear recommendations (approximately 50 words each) outlining actions for the Government that address the three factors identified in part C and will therefore improve the health impacts identified in part D.

You may choose to write one recommendation per factor or three more general recommendations. These recommendations do not need to be supported with references, as they should build on the material you have referenced in part C.

You may wish to consider making recommendations related to the health system or welfare system.